Accommodation for the tournament

We love to have people traveling from around not only Norway, but also throughout Europe. We have done some talks with a few places to spend your nights after competing, and have gotten a few good deals lined up for you.

Oslo Youth Hostel Haraldsheim

This is the best deal in town, no doubt! Not only is the price really, really good, it is also located ON the course at Muselunden. You can book your reservation directly and just let them know you are part of a disc golf tournament deal, and you will have the following special offers:

  • Single bed in a four bedroom – 350,- per person per night
  • Single room – 655,- per night
  • Two-bed room – 765,- per night

This all includes free wi-fi, free parking, fresh linen, breakfast buffet and every rom has toilet and shower.

Sørmarka Hotell

Sørmarka Konferansehotell

This is outside Oslo, but just 5 minutes away from the course at Krokhol. A quiet and calm place, a hotell with great service and surroundings. Well worth checking out, especially since their chef has a really good reputation and the special tournament prices negotiated by the disc golf course is really good, and a big breakfast bufet is included!

  • Single room – 950,- per night
  • Double room – 650,- per night
  • Tripel room – 500,- per night

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