Welcome Dynamic Discs

We are proud to once again welcome Dynamic Discs as a title sponsor for Oslo Disc Golf Classic! They took a chance on us last year, and we are really happy that they found us worthy again for the Dynamic Discs 2nd annual Oslo Disc Golf Classic.

Their sponsorship means again a big contribution to the players pack, discs with custom stamps and more. We can already now announce that hole 17 at Krokhol will have a very special ace prize for all players: a brand new Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket!
The ace needs to be filmed, so get your cameras ready!

Dynamic Discs is one of the leading disc golf brands in the world, located in Emporia, Kansas. What started in 2005 by Jeremy Rusco as an internet / eBay based college hobby, now is one of the leading disc golf manufacturer with some of the best players in the game. A tight relationship with the Swedish disc golf manufacturer Latitude 64, they have now made discs like Judge, Trespass, Emac Truth and Guard, in addition to everything else of your disc golf needs: bags, clothes, baskets and more!

With players like the world champions Page Bjerkaas and Eric McCabe, they are a huge promoter of junior disc golf, the biggest disc golf tournament in the world (Glass Blown Open) one of the biggest disc golf media outlets with things like the Disc Golf Answer ManPhysics of Flight and coverage of tournaments.



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