Course announcement – Holmenkollen DGP

Perhaps the biggest change of the second edition of Oslo Disc Golf Classic, is a brand new course for the tournament: Holmenkollen DiscGolfPark! In collaboration with Skiforeningen we will be presenting a special ODGC layout – more challenging, longer and with the best view in town!

We got a lot of great feedback in 2019, and one of them was the big wish for this a course. In its original layout one of the easier courses you`ll play, but we have something harder cooking for you. Ready to serve in June!

If you don`t know Holmenkollen is a 18 hole course located on the roof of Oslo, all around the national skiing arena. It`s view is unmatched, you get to play over water, tight woods and wind exposed holes throughout. A few holes will be brand new and the easiest will be removed, we can promise some more OBs and longer shots. It is easy to let your mind wander with the view, and we look forward to showing the best view in town with you!



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