2nd Oslo Disc Golf Classic is cancelled

It is hard to tell you today, that we are cancelling the 2nd Oslo Disc Golf Classic. With the continued spreading of COVID-19 through the world, most aspects of our life is affected. We have had to do the tough decision to cancel ODGC in 2020 altogether.

PDGA has suspended all sanctioning of tournaments, and recommended no use of courses until the 1st of May. We started working on this years addition in September of 2019, and we have been proud to have gotten a lot of great people with us in the organization, as partners and sponsors. But we want to make sure people can travel from all over Europe without being worried about the uncertainty of the coronavirus, as well as we recognize the economic risks both for us as a host and players planning to travel here.

There for the decision felt like the only right thing to do.
We would like to thank everyone involved

See you all in 2021!


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