Course walk through – 1st Oslo Disc Golf Classic

Even if the maps of the course is ready and we`ll go through everything on the playersmeeting, here is walk through of the courses with any special rules. Stovner Disc Golf Park OB creek and over OB creek and over Mando left of powerline, dropzone. No special rule OB road left, and pathway right. Double… Fortsett å lese Course walk through – 1st Oslo Disc Golf Classic

Important change in players count

On Monday we announced that we will be cutting the field from 144 players to 90 players, as we where far from even 90 players registered for the 1st Oslo Disc Golf Classic. This decision was done of both logistical and economic reasons, for keeping all in one pool. Then we where surprised of how… Fortsett å lese Important change in players count

Accommodation for the tournament

We love to have people traveling from around not only Norway, but also throughout Europe. We have done some talks with a few places to spend your nights after competing, and have gotten a few good deals lined up for you. Oslo Youth Hostel Haraldsheim This is the best deal in town, no doubt! Not… Fortsett å lese Accommodation for the tournament