Welcome Natural Born Disc Golfer

There is no two ways about it – ODGC finds a lot of inspiration from the biggest tournament in Norway – Tyyni. So it feels great to actually partner up with the awesome people behind it – Natural Born Disc Golfer as a title sponsor for the 2nd annual Oslo Disc Golf Classic!

If you do not know this disc golf movement in Finland, they do pretty much everything you need for disc golf:

  • Disc golf store with all the tasty Trilogy discs, including limited edition and special stamps
  • Host events all over Europe with NBDG-X
  • The biggest tournament in Europe with 1000+ players – Tyyni
  • Help maintain one awesome course – Sibbe
  • Rumors has it that a lot of video coverage will be coming through NBDG in the time to come as well.

Their presence will be felt with stuff in the players pack and some ridiculous prizes!
Make sure you follow them on Facebook and Instagram, for good times and disc golf!




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